Soraya had an extraordinary capacity to learn from adversity.
SORAYA: A Life of Music, a Legacy of Hope is her memoir and her way to continue her mission. Soraya’s editors chose to break her story into three distinct sections.

The Roots
Soraya’s family history and her childhood, through her first album

The Rise
Soraya’s rise to fame, her cancer diagnosis, her comeback and the commitment to her mission

The Race
The final 18 months of Soraya’s life, and her race to make a lasting difference

Each of these three sections includes original autobiographical chapters penned by Soraya, as well as Memories, written by those who knew her best. Through the stories and photographs featured in the Memories pages, the public can learn what the humble Soraya would never say herself: in the final years of her life, she had become a world-class humanitarian and one of the greatest songwriters of her generation.